About Us

Med Care Holdings was established in 2017, being the brainchild of Ms Gwen-marie Beatrix Cloete.


Ever since the company has grown from a regional to a national footprint, and is currently expanding with international relationships being build.


Med Care Holdings is a nationwide support network, servicing clients (government & private), within the medical, medico-legal, occupational health and safety and educational spheres of practice, in terms of a one-stop-shop. 


We mainly act as broker/advisor/manager/administrator & facilitator on various deals which we put together for our service providers (medical experts) and corporate clients. 


Our services include strategic negotiation, liaison, facilitation, administration, as well as educational and developmental in nature.


We strategically partner with various corporate affiliates to provide support services and products, to the network's service providers.


By utilizing these support services and products our network service providers (medical experts) are enabled to provide urgent, speedy and top-quality healthcare services, adhering to a universal standard of professional conduct and the highest standards of ethical work-ethos.


About the Founder of Med Care Holdings


Ms Gwen-marie Cloete


Gwen-marie obtained her Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy (Work Practice) at the University of Stellenbosch.

She gained experience in various specialist positions over a wide scope of practice in the government as well as in the private sector.

She furthered her skills by completing additional post-graduate courses/accreditations/licenses before entering the medico-legal, insurance, health and wellness & business management field in private practice.

Ms Cloete quickly realized that soft skills and leadership skills are vital to the success of the corporate world.

This led to the completion of her international coaching accreditation (ACC) through the business school of Cape Town.

Her ability to influence, encourage, educate and empower people, combined with pioneering techniques and analytical problem solving, gives her the edge to assist corporate companies, in developing powerful and sustainable teams, with high-performance results.

This positions her perfectly to manage regional teams within the national network focussing on medical, medico-legal, insurance, rehabilitation, mental health & occupational health and safety spheres.