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About the Founder of MED CARE HOLDINGS(Pty)(Ltd)
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About the Founder / CEO of Med Care Holdings (PTY) (LTD)

Gwen-marie Cloete is the Founding Director at Med Care Holdings. She is also the CEO at Cloete Occupational Therapy (Inc), a member of the South African Medico-legal Society, a member of OTASA, a licensed BHF practitioner, Work Well provider, and AMA guidelines practitioner, being registered at the HPCSA.

Gwen-marie is also registered and Certified as an international Coach (ACC). (Accredited through the business school of Cape Town.)

Having obtained her B Occ Ther Degree at the University of Pretoria and having completed her Masters Degree OT (M Occ Ther) Work Practice at the University of Stellenbosch, with various post graduate courses within the medico-legal and insurance industry behind her name, she has the edge of operating at an executive level.

Gwen-marie’s passion to develop a contextual understanding of the differences between teaching, counseling, managing, leading, mentoring and coaching, and when to use each type of intervention, steered her into practice and business management.

Her interest in business operations, administration systems management, program development, taking part in strategic negotiation, facilitating in-service trainings and interest in evoking excellence in others fully supports her wish to invest in leadership development, and empowering others through a transformational culture shift.

Gwen-marie’s passion for people and understanding of human rights calved out her early-on career in the medico-legal and insurance industry. Managing a nationwide medico-legal and rehabilitation network across South Africa, she developed a keen appreciation for the challenges private practitioners, claimants and attorneys are facing on a daily basis.

By being able to support medical experts (service providers), claimants, and Attorneys (clients), to ensure effective work-flow along with upholding a good qualify-standard of work, with the best interest of all in mind, brings her much satisfaction.

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Med Care Holdings: A Nationwide support Network to Attorneys and Medico-legal and Rehabilitation Specialists

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PTA Branch: 705 Nieuwhout Street, on the corner of Nieuwhout and Windsor Avenue, Garsfontein, PTA
Office Number: 012 998 8243
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Founder/ CEO / Director: Gwen-marie Beatrix Cloete: 0727206092 /