Complete the registration / application process in order to join our Nationwide Network

How To Join

Step one: Decide onto which package you would like to sign up


Packages for service providers to sign up onto:


Entry-level package: R4500 per 12 months (Optionally renewable)



  • Qualified healthcare practitioner
  • Member of the HPCSA
  • Special interest in medico-legal, medical, occupational health and safety, rehabilitation, mental health and educational training within the medical field
  • Clinically practising for less than 4 years


(On this package members will receive all network benefits; except for any referrals, since these members are still regarded as novices in their field of practice, in terms of our network services.)


Advance level package: Advanced level package: R6000 per 12 months (Optionally renewable)



  • Qualified healthcare practitioner
  • Member of the HPCSA
  • With no criminal record against him/her
  • Who is registered for Medical protection and has a BHF (Board of health care funder’s) certificate & registration?
  • Furthermore, must the practitioner be clinically practising for more than 4 years, & must have engaged in medico-legal, insurance, occupational health and safety work /rehabilitation work before, and must have written related reports in the past, or should still be doing such clinical work. (Proof of this is required)
  • If the above is not adhered to, the practitioner should be engaging in our training and complete our training
  • Regardless of the above, and in order to assess the practitioner's skills, the appointed expert will need to do 1 training / pro-bono case for free, which our panel will mark and comment on - This is a prerequisite for our internal quality standard procedures to vet the quality of our experts.
  • Proof that the candidate complied with the standards of report writing as per the trial reports if requested of the candidate (Such proof will be provided to the candidate by the board of MCH once the trial reports have been marked) (Proof of this compliance email should be submitted)
  • Upon request a report example should be presented to the board of MCH, which may be presented to an Attorney / corporate client being part of our Network, upon such a request. (Confidential information may be removed from the report.)
  • Members on this package should have no outstanding membership fees.
  • When accepting a referral from us, the expert will have the chance to either accept or reject and referral.
  • When accepting a referral from us, our payment agreement which varies from case to case - and which will be stipulated in the email request, will need to be adhered to.
  • When accepting our instruction, the expert will provide us with an appointment date at their practice within 14 days since our request,
  • And will deliver their report within 7 days after having seen the claimant and after having received all necessary docs.
  • No reports will be withheld.
  • On this package members will receive all benefits as mentioned already.
  • Ambassador tasks will also be given to the service provider/expert from time to time, which can be accepted or rejected by the ambassador.
  • They should also be willing to provide input into the network’s newsletters upon request and mentor entry-level members on an as-and-when basis.
  • Furthermore, is it required of them to be a speaker (upon request) at some of our CPD courses /or interactive events.


(On this package members will receive all benefits; as well as referrals from time to time. (For each patient referral a contract agreement will be sent to the expert stipulating payment terms and conditions and the requirements that the expert needs to adhere to.)(The expert may either take on the referral or reject it).


(* Note 1: Even though experts are connected to our network by being a member, they still operate independently in their own capacity as health care professionals when delivering any service to our network.)


(* Note 2: Should entry-level members want to upgrade to the advanced- level membership package in order to receive referrals, they must undergo mentoring and the necessary training in medico-legal in order to be competent to write medico-legal reports. Preferable training should comprise of no less than 54 CPD accredited points in medico-legal training if the practitioner has not yet written any medico-legal report, in his / her career. All advanced- level criteria should also be adhered to, except for having written medico-legal reports before.)


Packages for corporate clients & / or Attorneys to sign up onto:


Attorney / corporate client package: R12000 per calendar year



  • Must be Attorneys registered and qualified to perform medico-legal cases.
  • They should also be willing to provide input into the network’s newsletters
  • Furthermore, should they be willing to be a speaker at some of our CPD courses /or interactive events upon request.


(On this package members will receive all benefits.)


 (For each patient referral a contract agreement will be sent to the Attorney / corporate client stipulating the payment terms and conditions and the requirements that the Attorney / corporate client needs to adhere to.)


 (The Attorney / corporate client may either make use of our network expert or may reject the offer).


Step 2: Fill in the registration form below either in the capacity as a service provider (entry level / advanced level) / or as a Corporate client / Attorney- / (firm)


Click here registration form as a service provider / medical expert.


Click here to download registration form if you are an attorney/ (firm) or corporate company.


Please email your registration form to:


Step 3: Provide us with the relevant documentation


Service providers on the entry-level package should provide us with:

  • HPCSA certificate
  • CV
  • ID


Service providers on the advanced level package should provide us with:

  • HPCSA certificate
  • CV
  • MPS certificate (Preferably)
  • BHF (Practice number)
  • Example of a medico-legal report
  • Tax clearance certificate
  • Proof of bank details
  • ID
  • Confirmation of physical practice address


All documentation can be emailed to


Corporate clients / & or Attorneys should provide us with the following documentation:


  • Company registration docs
  • Director’s resolution
  • Director CV
  • Company profile
  • BEEE level certificate
  • Tax clearance certificate
  • Proof of physical practice
  • Proof of municipal bill payment


Step four: Make the payment according to the sign-up option you’ve chosen


Banking Details:

Banking Institution: ABSA Bank
Branch name: Brooklyn
Branch code: 632005
Account holder name: MED CARE HOLDINGS
Account type: Current
Bank account number: 4092328129
Ref Number: Number: Your name, membership package and sign-up date. Please send proof of payment to / or use your invoice number – should you have requested an invoice before payment