Franchise opportunity



Why is there a need for MCH Franchises?


A lot of patients/claimants come from rural areas, which makes it very difficult when they need to see experts who are for e.g. based in the big cities, in order to assess them for medical / medico-legal / insurance/rehabilitation / mental health/coaching services / or claim purposes.

Attorneys / corporate clients have to spend a tremendous amount of money for transport costs and accommodation in order for these patients, to see these medical experts.

Thus, is there a need for MCH Franchise branches that can support the attorneys / corporate clients, by linking patients with credible experts in their geographical area, who adheres to the MCH advanced-level criteria?

Thus, will the attorney / corporate client receive good service and the claimant’s claim, will be dealt with more effectively.


Benefits of having your own Med Care Holdings Franchise


  • Enjoyment of wide-spread brand recognition
  • Associated with top quality and consistency
  • Association with proven methods, services, and products
  • Independence along with mentoring and guided support
  • Having access to a prospective client base
  • Assistance with pre-opening support
  • Guaranteed success should you adhere to all protocols and implement the business plan correctly
  • Not having to re-invent the wheel


How to open your own Med Care Holdings Franchise


Steps to follow


How to purchase and own an MCH Franchise?

  1. Join the MCH network (on the membership package applying to you)
  2. Purchase your MCH Franchise


Upon purchase you’ll receive the following:

  • Intellectual property
  • Business plan
  • Marketing plan
  • Branding, look and feel
  • Protocol and regulatory guidelines
  • Code of conduct guidelines
  • Decide whether your branch will be a boutique (only supplying some services and products) or a super (supplying all services and products) franchise branch. Purchase the MCH services and products pertaining to the size and target market you would like to target.
  • Purchase the equipment you’ll need to deliver those services and products
  • Complete your Franchise business management course
  • Write your Franchise management exam


Consult MCH for a detailed quotation and more information


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