Services that your Franchise needs to offer

Services that your Franchise needs to offer/deliver pertaining to the specific speciality fields/divisions

  • Network linkages between Attorneys / corporate clients and medical experts specializing in medico-legal and rehab work.
  • All administration related to case distribution and document supply
  • Ensuring effective payments to experts for service delivery
  • Bridging finance (For the claimant/Client/service provider)
  • Provide support services and products of MCH to support efficient workflow and quality service delivery (Amount of products and services will depend on the size of your Franchise branch)
  • Effective marketing of the MCH products and services in line with the MCH-regulatory protocol
  • Hosting/offering CPD-accredited training courses across various fields of speciality, by appointing credible, and adequately qualified medico-legal experts as guest speakers. (May choose a speaker from any MCH Franchise branch’s advanced-level member package.)
  • Hosting/offering interactive and CPD accredited events. (Pertaining to the medico-legal and rehab field)


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