What We Offer

Assistance offered by MED CARE HOLDINGS to support successful Network linkages?

What we offer:

Transformational pro-active service delivery through network linkages (linking the client with the service provider), operational assistance and strategic versioned direction.

  • Med Care Holdings supports their service providers with Administration linkage, document sourcing and billing support.

Universal quality standard implementation, through transformed human resource development and training, along with the promotion of professional service ethos


  • Translator assistance
  • Typist assistance
  • Business management and life coaching (e.g. how to live a balanced life, by streamlining operational processes in order to manage multiple businesses and still make time for your family, in order to have a quality of life. )
  • Mentoring within the medico-legal field
  • Providing network linkages services (Linking qualified, and accredited medical experts with Attorneys on our network) (Linking network practitioners with relevant network lawyers, should they seek legal advice)
  • Fulfilling the need of assistance by linking Locums to assist a practice, pertaining to a specific need, which the practice might have.
  • Administrative assistance
  • Providing Training courses in medico-legal work (Specific to each specialty field)
  • Hosting interactive and CPD events as well as providing E-learning material pertaining to the medico-legal field
  • Offering a visibility platform to members on our network, should they want to write an article / letter / or introduction about themselves or their practice, with regards to the services they deliver.


    • Medico-legal report templates pertaining to various healthcare specialty-fields. (This is aimed at entry-entry level members, who are still in their training phases, wanting to upgrade to the advanced- level- membership package.)
    • Standardized tests to rent from our test-library
    • Equipment to purchase pertaining to various health care practices
    • Consultation rooms to rent
    • Conferencing facilities to rent
    • In-services training presentations to support continuous development; developed by credible and highly qualified practitioners, medical experts, and Attorneys pertaining to the medico-legal industry.
    • LAWMED: Cloud-based medico-legal and rehab operational and billing software pertaining to medical experts and attorneys, which is safe, secure, simplistic and enhance work flow. (LAW MED is also to be used by all MCH Franchise branches)
    • Features of LAW MED:
      • Online document portal: Manage attorney, claimant, employee and medical expert data
      • Online calendar: Schedule appointments, trial dates, meetings, interviews, interactive and CPD events, training courses, consultation room, or conference facility bookings etc.
      • Includes advanced search options
      • Performance management computer aided suggestions, based on passed data
      • SAGE ONE accounting system integration
      • Statistics on data
      • Communication and marketing tool (Bulk emails and sms’s) (Adhering to POPI act)
      • MCH Medico-legal report templates to purchase for entry level members
      • Online purchasing of MCH products and services of your choice
      • Online CPD training activities and E-learning material pertaining to the medico-legal field
    • Bridging Finance
    • Franchise opportunity (Purchase a Franchise business)
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